Photo competition

Untill the end of the corona-crisis, as long as we cannot work as bicyclestransport, you can enjoy our photo competition.   Every Monday and every Thursday we post 3 pictures of places where we've been for bicyclestransport.  These can be photos of one another climb but as well a place where a triathlon competition takes place or a country of region where we went with a private group.                             Feel free to join this competition.  Just send your answer via mail to or via our fb-page.                                                                                                                                                         The person who has the most correct answers at the end wins a long weekend 'Stelvio' for 4 persons.  The pictures can also give you ideas for your next holiday on the bike.                                                       

Series 1

Which climb is this and in which country and province is it situated ?

Series 2

Give the name of the country, the wine-region and the route

Series 3

Which 'mountain' (berg) is this and which ProTour race is passing here 3 times ?

Series 4

In what country and on which climb are we here  ?

Series 5

We are looking for the country, region, mountain and river-gap

Series 6

Tell us the name of the lake 

Series 7

What country are we, which city and what's the name of the lake  ?

Series 8

Which cycling route is this and what countries is it crossing ?