Emilia Romagna


This combi-cyclingtrip is for the cyclist who wants to ride and do some climbs in a lovely place and on calm roads but also for the cyclist with the citybike who rather prefers flat rides and even fot the non-riders who wants to explore the wonderfull area.

Emilia Romagna might be less known, it HAS IT ALL. We stay at the Adriatic coast with on of the largest beaches in Europe. The flat part between the sea and the mountains give the cyclists the opportunity to warm up or just to do easy rides. And once the hills are reached the scenery is as amazing with panoramic views and typical small villages.

Day 1

Lake of Luzern

We leave early in the morning with bus and biketrailer. Via Luxemburg, Strassbourg and Basel we reach the Lake of Luzern where we stay for the night. Volonteers can do the last 70 k by bike. Welcome dinner will allow us to meet the others.

Day 2

Arrival in Emilia Romagna

After a good breakfast we continue our busdrive towards Cattolica, Emilia Romagna. Again we make a lunchstop alongside the motorway. And during the afternoonstop the volonteers can again make us of the option to arrive by bike at our destination. Our cyclingguides will be stand ready to ride with you on calm and easy roads towards our hotel. 

LifeStyleHotel Europa Monetti**** in Cattolica will be our homebase for the next 5 days. This 'bike'-hotel offers spacious rooms, wellness- and fitness area, simming-pool, private beach, free wifi, trendy restaurants with excellent food, good equipped bikeroom etc.

We stay 3/4 and get a great breakfast buffet, light pasta lunch between 2 and 4 pm and a great 4-course dinner à la carte.

Day 3

Fossa Blues

We all go our own way in the morning, each group with it's possibilities. There will be 3 trips with different levels. At lunchtime we all come together, also the non-cyclists, at Fossa-Blues. During an appetizer drink and some small tasters we will get explanation about the history of this place and it's products. 

The owners will serve us a delicious lunch while we enjoy some blues music. Fossa Blues is situated on top of a hill in a cute small village with a wonderfull panoramic view. 
The way back to the hotel is easy because almost downhill.

Once back there'll be still time enough enjoy to enjoy the facilities of the hotel before having dinner together.

Day 4

Azienda Agricola Fiammette Tastery - Panoramic Tour 

The non-cyclists will do a panoramic tour by bus with stops at Gabbice Monte and Gradara. The cyclists can ride again with the group that fits most, easy or tough.  

Today we meet again at lunchtime and the place to be is Azienda Agricola Fiammette. It will not only be our lunchplace but we will get the change to taste wine and local food. We will be guided also in their wineyard.

Day 5

Marco Pantani Museum - San Marino

Today we don't meet with the whole group at lunchtime but make a long day riding the bike with the different groups. The cycling-guides will bring you to a local bar for lunch. On the way back to the hotel we make a stop at the Marco Pantani Museum.

For the non-riders we have a visit to San Marino on the program.

All will be back early enough to spent some time in or around our beautifull hotel.

Although it's not our last night we will have a farewell-dinner as it's the last night in Emilia Romagna.

Day 6

Goodbye Emilie Romagna/ Rithom Lake

We enjoy for the last time the great buffet breakfast before heading towards Switzerland. In the late afternoon we will arrive close to the St. Gotthardpass where we stay for the night. And close to our hotel there's a nice climb towards the Rithom Lake. So you wish not to ride up you can still visit the lake via the cabletrain, one of the steepest in the world.

And tonight we do have our second and last farewell-dinner.

Day 7

All's well that Ends well

After breakfast we start the last part of the trip, heading back home. Via Basel, Strassbourg and Luxemburg we get back to Belgium.